Saturday, February 15, 2014

Advocare Product Review | Spark

Happy Saturday everyone!
 We hope today is treating you well.  I am excited to bring to you another review of one of our favorite AdvoCare Products from the Active Line, Spark!

This amazing energy drink mix supplement is perfect for the on-the-go guy or gal looking to kick coffee or sugary soda drinks.  Check out my review below:

Okay, so why do I choose Spark instead of coffee or soda? Let's really talk about it....

I tried my first dose of Spark when trying out my first 24 Day Challenge. I was nervous undertaking my first 24 Day Challenge.  24 Days with no soda or coffee? However, it was during this time, Spark became my staple.  It didn't give me the roller-coaster of energy that soda or coffee did.  I love snapping open and ice cold can of coke for a quick energy rush; however, 30 minutes later, found myself crashing and drooling on my desk. (not an attractive thing).

It has now found its way into my daily routine and I love all of the delicious flavors which offer an amazing variety to choose from. 

Let's look at the nutritional comparison between Spark and some of the more popular drinks people turn to for energy. 

     Clearly, Spark takes the cake. With 45 calories per serving, it is low in calories which allows for you to not consume almost up to a meals-worth of calories (see Starbucks)  in one drink. 
 As a Spark user who tracks her macros, 11g of carbs in a serving is great.  With the amount of carbs in the Starbucks, Coke, and Red-bull that is like 2 delicious rice cakes or a bowl of super-filling oatmeal in the morning! Why waste your carbs on drinks that won't fill you up and give you the long-lasting energy your body needs? 

I will state I am not a Dr, Scientist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer... etc. Just a girl who has done some research on these products. You can check out more information on Spark, HERE

Interested in getting your own Spark?  

If you have questions, shoot us an email!

Thanks everyone! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daily Grind. Supplements

When losing weight, often times, people will ask you, "What supplements are you taking to help you lose weight?".  While Adam and I will always attest to Diet and Exercise is the best (and only) way to lose weight, supplements can help your body along the way.  We both subject ourselves to some pretty strenuous workouts throughout the week, lifting heavy, going hard, and going home (...haha, I couldn't help myself). 

So, what Supplements are best for your Day to Day Routine? 

At the end of the day, our muscles are feeling it.  You ever have that feeling? The next morning you wake up and feel like you were hit by a linebacker? All of your muscles ache and getting out of bed is a major task? We've both been there.  Not only is my body sore, but I am tired, lacking energy and feeling depleted. 

Thankfully, we did some research and have found our "Signature AdvoCare Cocktail" to help keep us going.  

These are mainly products we use to supplement our workout regimes.  Our next post will feature AdvoCare's "Total Health Supplements".  These are supplements we use to keep our bodies healthy day-to-day and our doctor's happy during our yearly check-ups. 

Check back soon! 

If you have questions on any of these products or how to order, please give us a shout!

Have a great week!
Adam & Ashleigh 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Advocare 24 Day Challenge - Limited Time Special Only $175

Hey friends, Ashleigh here...

I almost squealed with excitement when the AdvoCare Team decided to throw down an awesome special on the 24 Day Challenge Bundle Pack. This is a company that is serious about helping people get in shape and crush obesity. Why can't 2014 be the year you decide to kick your goals square in the jaw? I plan on it. I hope you are removing the excuses and doing the same.

Beginning today, January 1, 2014 through January 21, 2014, the 24 Day Challenge Bundle pack is only $175. This completely customized (just for you!) bundle comes packed with some amazing products to power you through your 24 Day Challenge and set you up for success to reach your fitness and health goals. 

Here's what you get:

One Box of Herbal Cleanse-Citrus- Retails @ $31.50 
One Bottle of OmegaPlex- Retails @ $21.95
One box of AdvoCare Spark-Mandarin Orange- Retails @ $22.95
One box of AdvoCare Spark-Fruit Punch (Ashleigh's Fav)- Retails @ $22.95
Your choice of one box of Meal Replacement Shakes- Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry, or Vegetarian Dark Chocolate- Retails @ $44.95
Your Choice of one box of MNS Max 3, Max C, or Max E- Retails @ 45.95

This is a great deal and is only being offered January 1st (today) through January 21, 2014. Have questions on starting your challenge or about purchasing?

Before ordering this product, please read the difference between the MNS Max 3,C,and E product lines. Each are extremely effective in different areas.  A quick synopsis of these for you: 

MNS Max 3: Increased Energy 
MNS Max C: Maximum appetite control
MNS Max E: Energy, appetite control, and wellness. The well-rounded approach.

I have completed 2 Challenges and have seen amazing results.  Not only on the scale, but in the mirror and more importantly, with how I feel.  Increased energy, zapped craving for sweets, and set me on the right path for weight loss.  Many people looking to lose pounds will see a 5-15lb weight loss within the 24 Days. Please note, this isn't a program you can just take the supplements and see your weight drop, AdvoCare encourages a clean eating regime and workout routine along with the 24 Day Challenge.  We have some meal plan ideas that are 24 Day approved under our Meal Plan Tab or just go HERE. Feel like you can't commit? Then don't. People who decide to try this program and don't put the right work in (eating right, working out, making excuses)... take some time and reevaluate your goals.  What are you really willing to do to reach your fitness goals? 

(sorry, but sometimes, we all need a little tough love). There is not magic pill that will just zap fat. You've got to put in the work.  The 24 Day Challenge is an amazing supplement to help you do so while eating right and working out. Here's a snapshot of my last challenge results: 

I carry most of my weight in my abdomen.  I was so pleased with my results of this challenge. (Taken from my Instagram account @hotmesslioness) Total weightloss was 10lbs.... but I felt like a friggin champ! The proof is in the pictures my friends. 

Get up. Get out. Get Yours Today! 
Blessings to you in 2014, 
Adam and Ashleigh 


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse - Post Thanksgiving 

Hello Hello! I hope this finds you well and blessed after this Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a great weekend filled with family, friends, and God's blessings. While I allowed myself to indulge a bit in the Thanksgiving-festivites (pumpkin pie, anyone?) I also was amazed at how far I have come in my journey with food. I no longer 'binge' myself to the point of being uncomfortable.  While still enjoying my sisters sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes, I never found myself shoveling food into my mouth. (go me!)

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, I put in an order for the Advocare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse - in Peaches and Cream. I figure what better way to kick off December than with a cleanse?  This time of year, we find ourselves surrounded by sugar-infested sweets, carb loaded casseroles, and a bevvy of bold wines and malty beers.  It can be so easy to put your healthy-lifestyle by the way-side and hold off until "Resolution-Time" comes around. I simply couldn't sit and waste Nov 29th-Dec 31st.  That is over 4 weeks where I could be reaching goals, training for some races in 2014, and holding myself accountable.

What better way to begin my "mini challenge" until the end of the year (33 days, to be exact), than cleansing my system with the Advocare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse? Currently, I am on Day 3 and have certainly felt my body filtering out a lot of the bad I took in over Thanksgiving. This 10 Day Cleanse is one of the easiest and most effective I have ever done.  The gentle formula Advocare has created doesn't have you running to the bathroom every 5 minutes.  (Note: You are drinking a lot of water and will find yourself needing to pee, but you're not tied to your toilet).  

 I chose the Peaches and Cream over the Citrus flavor as I find it much easier to get down the hatch.  The Peaches and Cream flavor is so much better.  I will note, I did a cleanse back in 2012 and I believe Advocare has since changed the formula.  The Fiber Drink is not as 'talchy' as the previous was.  I am a total 'texture' person when it comes to food and the original formula did not agree with me in that regard. The newer version is so much better and paired with the Peaches and Cream Fiber Drink, I am able to drink it very easily! 

Here are some helpful instructions for your 10 Day Herbal Cleanse.  Have questions? Leave us a comment below and we'll help guide you along your cleanse!

I will be sure to post my before and after pictures, once my 10 Day Cleanse is completed along with some of my favorite meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I am hoping to reduce my stomach bloat, see a few pounds lost, and give my weight loss a swift kick into the new year! 

Don't waste these last 4 weeks of 2013! You'll hit January 1 and wish you would have started earlier. I cannot wait to share my results with you. 

Blessings to you,

Saturday, October 26, 2013

O2 Gold - Advocare Product Review

Hey guys, Ashleigh here! I am really eager to share this review with you on a new(er) Advocare Product that I had heard a lot of 'buzz' about recently.  Advocare O2 Gold Advanced.

Being diagnosed with Asthma and allergies at a young age, I am always looking for ways to improve my breathing and crush this stupid "condition". My Asthma really hits during workouts (exercise induced) as well as in the Fall and Spring seasons, which can be very discouraging when training for runs.  In essence, if I could develop a 3rd lung with completely clear bronchial tubes, I'd take it.

While I have been able to get my asthma under control in my adult years, I still struggle with it when pushing myself during High Intensity Cardio Training as well as Long Distance Running.  This Spring, I will begin training for the Lincoln Half Marathon, something I have done since 2010. At that time, I ran for a measily 2:45 at the Omaha Half Marathon and followed up by running the Nike Women's Marathon 2 weeks later, struggling along the way.

I stop now and look at my Half Marathon time and shake my head.  Granted, I was about 30lbs heavier, did not believe in a clean diet, and stayed away from strength training for fear I would get "bigger"
.... so uneducated at the time....

Needless to say, I have learned a lot since that time and after running a 10K this Fall at a little over 1:00, I caught the running bug again. Taking on a Half Marathon in May of 2014 and aiming to shatter my PR by aiming to run a 9:00 mile, I understand that I will need to train hard, fuel properly, and begin supplementing correctly.  O2 Gold will certainly be a part of that supplementing regiment. 

I will admit, I have only used O2 Gold for a 2 week period to test on my runs and already, am breathing deeper, my lungs feel clearer, and (now, this is HUGE), I no longer need to take my rescue inhaler before working out! For years, I would take 2 puffs of my inhaler before working out or I found myself wheezing only minutes into my warmup.  The proof is in the air my friends... the air that is making its way into my lungs and providing oxygen to my body.

If you're looking for a scientific breakdown and review, look elsewhere. All I can tell you is this product, in my 2 week review period, has proved itself. If you want the full breakdown of this product, what's in it, when to take it, how much it costs, check out Advocare's Website and get informed! 

Until next time friends, 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Make this Year your Best Yet with Advocare!

... okay, that sounded cheesy; however, seriously, why not take the next 3,6,9,12 months to completely change your body & your mind with Advocare. As we have continued to live our lives at 100mph, we find that using these products help us lead healthier lifestyles.  I can certainly tell a morning when I don't take my Spark.  These products have become a piece of our every day lives and help give us the energy and vitamins and minerals that we need.

Being an avid blogger (Home-Made-Happy), I stumble across inspirational blogs of people utilizing the 24 Day Challenge and absolutely get excited with the results they are seeing.  If you haven't heard of her, , Mama Laughlin is a southern gal, married, raising 2 boys, and is inspirational as crap.  She is in the gym, eating healthy, and is down like 60-70lbs. HER TRANSFORMATION IS AMAZING! A few months ago, she hopped on the 24 Day Challenge to help her further put a kick-in-the-pants to her weight and look of her body. She has begun lifting weights, eating clean, and had great results with the 24 Day Challenge. Check out one of her posts as she wrapped up her 24 Day Challenge. She is honest and real, that is what I love about this chick. She also would be lost without Spark in the AM and continues to use it in the morning along with a healthy breakfast.

So, even though some time has passed, we are still doing great! Adam has been hard at work building he and his father's Custom Home Renovation Business, if you're in the Midwest, check them out: Renovations & Restorations as well as Adam's Custom Home Renovation blog with up-to-date information on each of their Custom Renovations from start to finish. We are almost wrapped up with our 3rd successful flip of this year. I am so proud of him!

I have been working full-time in IT for one of the fastest growing property management companies in the Midwest and am helping work on the future of Renovations and Restorations.  With a background in photography, (I love shooting on the side: Ashleigh Anne Photography) web-design, and IT, we are working on making Renovations and Restorations a known and well-established Custom Home Renovator throughout the Midwest.

Well, that's it! We are real. We are here to answer questions.  Though we don't physically update the blog that often, we are always here to answer your questions. We hope you harness the next 30-60-90 days and really take your health into your hands. You will look back 6 months from now and be glad you started. We promise, you will be amazed with what changing your health will do. It not only makes you look and feel great, but you will see a trickle down effect into all other areas of your life.

Today is yours.
Go get it.

God bless,
Adam & Ashleigh

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spark ,and Catalyst, and Money, Oh My

Hello, and Happy Independence Day!
Adam here to do a quick update and explain a little about our journey with the Advocare Supplements and business thus far.  Ashleigh and I started using some products from Advocare recently, which means we use them as we go through our day-to-day lives.  Something happened that made us start to think about utilizing the products not just for our own health, but for extra income too.
People all around us started asking about them, so naturally I gave out some samples of Spark to friends, and coworkers. Very shortly after trying some samples, our friends started asking where they could get some of their own.  So, in a short period of time, we went from being customers to actually helping other people get Advocare Products of there own.
One of my coworkers/friends jumped online and ordered a canister of Spark.  I happened to pull up my account and noticed that I had just made $13.00 of retail profit based on the fact that my friend Jarod had set up a free Customer Account and made a purchase through my account.  I realized that I had just passively created free money for living my normal everyday life and mentioning a product.
What a great way of earning extra money!

Just a short update today, and many more will follow as we track our experience of Advocare products, and now the business side of things too!

As always, please contact Ashleigh and I if you have any questions.
Have a great day,
Adam & Ashleigh

Check out Quinton Carter's review of the Nighttime Recovery Product. This stuff is amazing!