Monday, December 29, 2014

AdvoCare Business Review Welcomes Josh Brammier

Hey everyone!
    Holy its-almost-2015-Batman! We cannot believe how quickly 2014 has flown! It has been such a great year filled with awesome opportunity and experiences for Adam and I.  We hope you are setting your sights on 2015 and aiming high when it comes to what you want to accomplish.  I sound like Tony Robbins when I say that, (heh) good ol' Tony.... but seriously.

Don't ever let the majority tell you you can't do something. - One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Pursuit of Happyness (below).  While we love Chris Gardner and have both of his books at home, check em' out Pursuit of Happyness & Start Where you Are.

This entire thing just brings it home. Adam and I love being around people who are after something in their lives.  Whether its in their relationships, their jobs, their business, their fitness journey.... anything. We have been really blessed this last year to really get to know Josh and his beautiful girlfriend Janet.  Adam and I have known Josh for some time and met him when he was a typical college kid (long hair, pucca shell necklace) with not a lot of direction in his life.  Fast forward to 6 years and you will find a completely changed man.

Yep, I said Man.

Josh is handling his business and is after it in every part of his life and has an amazing young woman by his side doing just the same.   Adam and I are so thankful we get to call people like Josh and Janet friends. It's not often you find people in life who have a realness about them that these two do.

Recently, Josh has been working hard on getting his blog (much like ours) up and running.  He and Janet are so excited to share their story and begin documenting both, their AdvoCare journey and their journey together.  Check out his site here: - if you have a moment, send him some mad encouragement, because the guys done an awesome job!

We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for these two.  -- while we don't touch base on it a lot on this site as we utilize this for reviews on the AdvoCare products we utilize; AdvoCare has an entirely different piece to its business -- want more info?

Give us a shout!

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Have an awesome end to your year and God's blessings to you today,
-adam and ashleigh 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Finding our Focus in Fall 2014

Hey guys,
    Adam here! Hopefully you're having an awesome fall thus far.  Ashleigh and I have been in the background hard at work on some really exciting stuff coming down the pipeline very soon! We have both been "Finding our Focus" at the end of 2014.  We are excited about the new year coming up and wanted to send out an update as some of you may be viewing our blog (this website) for the first time.

Did you get a message from Ashleigh or I on Facebook perhaps? If so, awesome, thanks for checking this out!

This site is tailored to telling you all about the AdvoCare products we have tried and liked. Maybe, after watching the videos, you were interested in trying the 24 Day Challenge or Catalyst... maybe you're just interested in what AdvoCare has to offer. At any rate, click on the "Video Reviews" tab for a lot of our review videos. --Ashleigh lost 15 lbs on her first 24 Day Challenge back before we got married- my wife rocks!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Ashleigh or myself at:  and we would be happy to help answer any of your questions or assist you in placing your first order.

Look out for a video review I am going to do in the coming weeks on a product from the Elite Line called V02 Prime.  This awesome little 'snack bar' is a kick in the pants before a workout. I am someone who likes to have something in my stomach before hitting the gym along with the extra 'pump'... this stuff does it.

Thanks again guys and we'll talk to you soon!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

O2 Gold Review | AdvoCare Product Review

Hey guys! Adam here today bringing to you an awesome 2 part review Ashleigh did on 2 great products from the Elite Performance line.  A group of people Ashleigh works with decided it would be a good idea to run Spartan Sprints throughout the United States... only in America will we pay money to roll around in mud, right?

If you don't know what a Spartan Sprint is, think Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder.  The races range from
3-18 miles long and contain several obstacles (rope climbs, muddy barb-wire crawls,and hauling giant stones up and down hills). Check it out below... 

So, while I think my wife is pretty awesome for doing this, I will choose to stay dry and lift instead of run. (What's cardio again?) While preparing for this race, she turned to our AdvoCare product line to see what would help her brave the high altitude's of Colorado & ended up snagging 2 perfect products! 

I'm going to let my wife relax & I'll handle this one... 
We're going to talk a little bit about O2 Gold in this round. O2 Gold is a herbal dietary supplement containing 60 caplets per bottle.  Serving size = 2 caplets. You want to aim to take this on an empty stomach either 1 hour before exercise or a meal. 

Key Ingredients include: 
Insonine, rhodiola rosea, eleutherococcus, beetroot extract, & hydrolyzed whey proteins. 

Here is a breakdown of what's in this beast:

Ashleigh is an asthmatic & often has issues when exercising.  She was really nervous when preparing for this race & once she was able to try O2 Gold before a strenuous swim/run cardio session, her fears were lifted substantially.  Getting on the mountain on race day? She said she felt great.  Take a few minutes and listen to her candid review below. 

Have questions in regard to O2 Gold? Shoot us an email & we'll get back to you! 
Interested in ordering O2 Gold? Get yours below! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

AdvoCare Before & After | Rick Schussler

Adam & I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to an awesome guy we get to work with via AdvoCare.  Rick Schussler & his wife Bethyl have an awesome story that Rick has been kind enough to share with you.  

Before I throw down this video Rick made, I want to take a moment and show you just how awesome the AdvoCare products are if you just understand & trust the process. Rick was tired of being overweight, feeling tired, and being on medications for high cholesterol and a slew of other health related issues.  He did some  research and came across AdvoCare and decided to do a 24 Day Challenge. After 24 days, Rick lost 15lbs & 9in in his core! 

Rick has had such a victory with the help of AdvoCare & their products & has gone on to lose an additional 52lbs & feels great! Since then, he & his wife have gone on to become business owners, and when a very serious life event happened to them, AdvoCare and its solid business opportunity helped supplement their income.  Take a few minutes and listen to his story below & check out he and Bethyl's website at

Have questions about AdvoCare's products or business? 
Let us know! 

Thanks for stopping by & we hope May is treating you well! 
-Adam & Ashleigh 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Advocare Product Review | Spark

Happy Saturday everyone!
 We hope today is treating you well.  I am excited to bring to you another review of one of our favorite AdvoCare Products from the Active Line, Spark!

This amazing energy drink mix supplement is perfect for the on-the-go guy or gal looking to kick coffee or sugary soda drinks.  Check out my review below:

Okay, so why do I choose Spark instead of coffee or soda? Let's really talk about it....

I tried my first dose of Spark when trying out my first 24 Day Challenge. I was nervous undertaking my first 24 Day Challenge.  24 Days with no soda or coffee? However, it was during this time, Spark became my staple.  It didn't give me the roller-coaster of energy that soda or coffee did.  I love snapping open and ice cold can of coke for a quick energy rush; however, 30 minutes later, found myself crashing and drooling on my desk. (not an attractive thing).

It has now found its way into my daily routine and I love all of the delicious flavors which offer an amazing variety to choose from. 

Let's look at the nutritional comparison between Spark and some of the more popular drinks people turn to for energy. 

     Clearly, Spark takes the cake. With 45 calories per serving, it is low in calories which allows for you to not consume almost up to a meals-worth of calories (see Starbucks)  in one drink. 
 As a Spark user who tracks her macros, 11g of carbs in a serving is great.  With the amount of carbs in the Starbucks, Coke, and Red-bull that is like 2 delicious rice cakes or a bowl of super-filling oatmeal in the morning! Why waste your carbs on drinks that won't fill you up and give you the long-lasting energy your body needs? 

I will state I am not a Dr, Scientist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer... etc. Just a girl who has done some research on these products. You can check out more information on Spark, HERE

Interested in getting your own Spark?  

If you have questions, shoot us an email!

Thanks everyone! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daily Grind. Supplements

When losing weight, often times, people will ask you, "What supplements are you taking to help you lose weight?".  While Adam and I will always attest to Diet and Exercise is the best (and only) way to lose weight, supplements can help your body along the way.  We both subject ourselves to some pretty strenuous workouts throughout the week, lifting heavy, going hard, and going home (...haha, I couldn't help myself). 

So, what Supplements are best for your Day to Day Routine? 

At the end of the day, our muscles are feeling it.  You ever have that feeling? The next morning you wake up and feel like you were hit by a linebacker? All of your muscles ache and getting out of bed is a major task? We've both been there.  Not only is my body sore, but I am tired, lacking energy and feeling depleted. 

Thankfully, we did some research and have found our "Signature AdvoCare Cocktail" to help keep us going.  

These are mainly products we use to supplement our workout regimes.  Our next post will feature AdvoCare's "Total Health Supplements".  These are supplements we use to keep our bodies healthy day-to-day and our doctor's happy during our yearly check-ups. 

Check back soon! 

If you have questions on any of these products or how to order, please give us a shout!

Have a great week!
Adam & Ashleigh 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Advocare 24 Day Challenge - Limited Time Special Only $175

Hey friends, Ashleigh here...

I almost squealed with excitement when the AdvoCare Team decided to throw down an awesome special on the 24 Day Challenge Bundle Pack. This is a company that is serious about helping people get in shape and crush obesity. Why can't 2014 be the year you decide to kick your goals square in the jaw? I plan on it. I hope you are removing the excuses and doing the same.

Beginning today, January 1, 2014 through January 21, 2014, the 24 Day Challenge Bundle pack is only $175. This completely customized (just for you!) bundle comes packed with some amazing products to power you through your 24 Day Challenge and set you up for success to reach your fitness and health goals. 

Here's what you get:

One Box of Herbal Cleanse-Citrus- Retails @ $31.50 

One Bottle of OmegaPlex- Retails @ $21.95
One box of AdvoCare Spark-Mandarin Orange- Retails @ $22.95
One box of AdvoCare Spark-Fruit Punch (Ashleigh's Fav)- Retails @ $22.95
Your choice of one box of Meal Replacement Shakes- Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry, or Vegetarian Dark Chocolate- Retails @ $44.95
Your Choice of one box of MNS Max 3, Max C, or Max E- Retails @ 45.95

This is a great deal and is only being offered January 1st (today) through January 21, 2014. Have questions on starting your challenge or about purchasing?

Before ordering this product, please read the difference between the MNS Max 3,C,and E product lines. Each are extremely effective in different areas.  A quick synopsis of these for you: 

MNS Max 3: Increased Energy 
MNS Max C: Maximum appetite control
MNS Max E: Energy, appetite control, and wellness. The well-rounded approach.

I have completed 2 Challenges and have seen amazing results.  Not only on the scale, but in the mirror and more importantly, with how I feel.  Increased energy, zapped craving for sweets, and set me on the right path for weight loss.  Many people looking to lose pounds will see a 5-15lb weight loss within the 24 Days. Please note, this isn't a program you can just take the supplements and see your weight drop, AdvoCare encourages a clean eating regime and workout routine along with the 24 Day Challenge.  We have some meal plan ideas that are 24 Day approved under our Meal Plan Tab or just go HERE. Feel like you can't commit? Then don't. People who decide to try this program and don't put the right work in (eating right, working out, making excuses)... take some time and reevaluate your goals.  What are you really willing to do to reach your fitness goals? 

(sorry, but sometimes, we all need a little tough love). There is not magic pill that will just zap fat. You've got to put in the work.  The 24 Day Challenge is an amazing supplement to help you do so while eating right and working out. Here's a snapshot of my last challenge results: 

I carry most of my weight in my abdomen.  I was so pleased with my results of this challenge. (Taken from my Instagram account @hotmesslioness) Total weightloss was 10lbs.... but I felt like a friggin champ! The proof is in the pictures my friends. 

Get up. Get out. Get Yours Today! 
Blessings to you in 2014, 
Adam and Ashleigh